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"We need sales training and coaching..."

Your Sales Team Needs Coaching... Now What?

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Success Story

Who? Corporate Training Provider

The Challenge: This organization provides an extensive offering of training services to corporate clients across their region. They are known for providing top-flight educational services to thousands of students, but wanted to improve their revenues and market share in a significant way. 

"Our sales are below expectations..."

Your Sales Have Been Disappointing... Now What?

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Success Story

Who? International IT Consulting Firm

The ChallengeThis international information technology consulting firm was looking to leverage a solid market position into much stronger revenue growth. They were experiencing up and down sales from quarter to quarter and wanted a more predictable, stable revenue stream.

“Our subject matter experts need to sell…”

Selling for Subject Matter Experts

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Success Story

Who? Regional Consulting Firm

The Challenge: This firm provides consulting services to mid and large sized companies across the U.S. They relied only their subject matter experts (Partner level) to produce sales results. They were experiencing inconsistent sales results even though they had an excellent service offering.

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