Will You Hit Your 2018 Sales Goal?

Will You Hit Your 2018 Sales Goal?

If you want to have a breakout sales year in 2018, it’s essential that you have a great start. To help you in achieving that goal, let’s take a quick look at your 2017 results. Here are a couple of important questions to ponder:

1. Did you fully achieve your sales goals for 2017? If you were to focus on one or two things to help you or your business make your 2018 revenue number, what would that be?

2. Would you define your sales efforts as more reactive or proactive? In other words, have you defined and followed a well thought out sales process?

The year ahead is full of incredible possibility. How do we personally, and as an organization, achieve that breakout year?

Process is the Key

Too often, we see many “random acts of sales and marketing” in personal and organizational behavior. Those random efforts typically involve reacting to the marketplace, instead of taking charge and deliberately seeking out the new business we need in order to grow. If you can identify with this thought, I have some great news.
This is where process becomes our friend. As the word implies, process involves being well-organized in our strategy, planning, budgeting and execution of our sales efforts. I’m certain you already have many defined processes in your business today that are successful. If you give your sales efforts the same attention as other well executed processes, you will be on your way to remarkable success.

Assess Your Strengths

If defining good sales process was easy, or natural, I suspect there would be much more business growth. Actually, we all struggle with developing various processes. Personally, if I had to develop a simple process for a manufacturing business, I definitely would be out of my league, as I’ve never done that before.
It is interesting that many leaders struggle with sales and marketing effectiveness. But, sales is much more complex than most leaders imagine. The good news is solutions are readily available.

Where Do We Start?

When I was much younger, I used to watch a television program called The A-Team. The A-Team was led by Col. Hannibal Smith, who loved to frequently say, “I love it when a plan comes together.” Yes, we need a plan!
Having seen this common need for years, I decided to write a book summarizing the key elements for a successful sales process. If you’re serious about building a great sales process, I will be glad to provide a copy of the book at no cost. Please click here to request your copy. 

Until the book arrives, here are a few ideas to help you begin your planning process.

A great place to start is in understanding your target market. Click here to read a previous article on the importance of knowing and effectively selling to, your target market. And, the sales planning process can be daunting, click here for a good overview of the sales planning process.

Sales success can be achieved by developing an integrated process that performs like clockwork. I hope the resources provided will help you in beginning your journey. Improving your sales skills this year is an important milestone, if you would to discuss further let’s start a conversation.