International IT Consulting Firm

International IT Consulting Firm


This international information technology consulting firm was looking to leverage a solid market position into much stronger revenue growth. They were experiencing up and down sales from quarter to quarter and wanted a more predictable, stable revenue stream.

Our Solution

Management was looking for us to develop a consistent sales process that would produce market leading revenue growth year after year. We assisted in deploying world-class solutions that resulted in outstanding growth:

  • Sales Process Assessment: First, a detailed assessment of the entire sales process of the international sales team was performed. We uncovered and corrected several substantial issues that were preventing the sales team from achieving consistent sales performance, including lack of sales process discipline (e.g., chasing the wrong deals, poor deal qualification, deals were too small, too many RFP responses).
  • Organizational Development: We also reviewed the makeup of the entire team and helped management make necessary improvements. This focused on making sure each account executive was in the proper role and that they were on track for achieving annual quota. We also developed a highly effective new hire on-boarding process resulting in much faster sales ramp-up.
  • Sales Training: To support the new and existing team, a nationally recognized sales training program was implemented. Finally, a number of sales best practice principles were introduced, which solidified the sales teams’ consistent performance.

The Result

Prior to these enhancements to the sales program, a substantial percentage of the team was underperforming against quota. The changes resulted in measurable improvements such that the majority of the sales team achieved their annual quota. In addition, other key sales metrics improved greatly, including deal size, overall pipeline growth and deal win rate. Overall, these sales program enhancements resulted in high double-digit team revenue growth, a much higher company growth rate, lower cost of sales and more profitable engagements.