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Building Manufacturer

Customer Experience

Company leadership was concerned that their sales organization was not focused properly on serving the customer. Creating an improved service environment became the number one initiative of senior management.

Major Midstream Energy Company

Customer Experience

The executive leadership at this company had a passion for excellent customer service, but needed help in process development, employee training, and implementing system tools to reach their goals.

 Roadside Assistance Company


This company was looking for a tool and process to track the activity of its in house sales associates. It was being managed with Excel worksheets, which were disconnected, making it difficult to coordinate outbound call activity.

Packaging Manufacturer

Customer Experience

This company manufactures packaging in the cosmetic industry. They needed a tool to help coordinate their sales activity and had implemented Salesforce several years earlier but were not effectively utilizing it at the time.

National Healthcare Provider

Customer Experience

This national healthcare provider was looking for a partner to guide their effort to raise the bar on patient care and employee engagement.

Regional Consulting Firm


This firm provides consulting services to mid and large sized companies across the U.S. They relied only their subject matter experts (Partner level) to produce sales results.

Technical Manufacturer

Customer Experience

This company manufactures a very technical and complex product used in a variety of industries. We were retained to provide advisory and consulting services to the President and other members of the executive team.

International IT Consulting Firm


This firm provides IT consulting services to global businesses. Experiencing quarterly sales up and downs, they were looking to leverage a solid market position into much stronger revenue growth.

Corporate Training Provider


This organization provides an extensive offering of training services to corporate clients. They are known for providing top-flight educational services to thousands of students, but wanted to improve their revenues and market share in a significant way. 

Regional Law Firm


This firm focuses on legal services for mid and large sized businesses. They are known for their deep legal expertise and high-integrity approach to client service, but wanted to improve their business development results.

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