Sales & Marketing

You Need Olympia Consulting When

  • Sales goals are consistently missed
  • Your sales potential is not regularly achieved
  • Sales growth has slowed
  • The organization has under-invested in sales process
  • Sales team is underperforming
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Benefits of the Sales Improvement Process

  • Significant increase in top line sales
  • More profitable sales
  • Better deal win rate
  • Improved quota attainment
  • Consistent lead flow
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Olympia’s Proven Process

  • Review go-to-market strategy and sales plan
  • Assess marketing and lead generation effectiveness
  • End-to-end review of sales process and sales team performance
  • Evaluate effective use of CRM technology
  • Compare your results to sales best practices
  • Identify and prioritize major improvements
  • Determine ROI of recommendations
  • Develop action plan for continuing sales success
  • Implement recommended improvements
  • Create a culture of sales excellence
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Our Proven Process focuses on these key areas to create a highly effective sales process:

Go-to-Market Strategy
  • Define your target markets
  • Define your customer’s needs
  • Define your sales channels
  • Define your value proposition
Plan for Sales Success
  • Evaluate product and service offerings
  • Revenue growth plan
  • Competitive analysis
  • Sales resource requirements
Create an Environment for Success
  • Sales enablement tools
  • Team alignment with market segments
  • Onboarding boot camp
  • Continuous coaching and training
Coach Your Team to Victory
  • The coaching mindset
  • Coaching the gap
  • Questions are key
  • Model sales coach
Marketing Execution
  • Needs Analysis
  • Resource needs
  • Required Investment
Build a Winning Sales Team
  • Define ideal sales professional profile
  • Sourcing candidates
  • Structured hiring process
  • Candidate testing
Sales Management Essentials
  • Sales leadership and culture
  • Talent management
  • Sales process
Efficient Sales Operations
  • CRM management and adoption
  • Sales enablement support
  • Data quality maintenance
  • Reporting & Analysis

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