Customer Experience

Benefits of the “Culture of Service” Program

  • Increase in customer loyalty
  • More efficient operations and less waste
  • More referrals from current customers
  • Decrease in customer complaints
  • Less time spent in re-work
  • Improved communication, both internally and with customers
  • Better reputation on social media
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You Need Olympia Consulting When

  • You are having difficulty retaining customers
  • Your level of internal or external customer service does not meet your expectations
  • You do not have an accurate way to know what your customers think about your offerings
  • You are not getting referrals from your current customer base

Olympia’s Proven Process

  • Preliminary service assessment
  • Service solution design
  • Training program development
  • Process redesign
  • Kickoff and “customer of service” training
  • Service culture reinforcement
  • Monthly onboarding support

Culture of Service Program Development

Companies that create a culture that truly values every customer are much more likely to not only retain their customers, but obtain referrals from loyal customers. Just as a culture in society is a complex collection of many aspects, so is creating a culture of service.   During the complete program, we will evaluate many areas that have the potential to either delight or turn away your customers, and then work with your team to design and deliver training and process improvement to help you reach your goals.

Customer Feedback Loop

Culture of Service Training Program

The Customer Service training course teaches key principles to exceed customer expectations, resolve service problems, enhance customer loyalty and referrals, and build a corporate culture based on outstanding service that drives greater success and profitability. Personnel at all levels will gain key insights that will help them consistently deliver service to external customers in ways that can trans- late into a sustainable competitive advantage. In addition, participants will learn techniques to enhance internal customer service which can dramatically increase efficiency and minimize costly re-work.   Delivering outstanding customer service can produce significant enhancements to profitability as shown by the findings of several business studies including:

  • It costs about six times more to attract a new customer than it does to retain an existing customer.
  • A 5% increase in customer retention can increase profits between 25% and 95% depending on the industry.

In the course, participants learn customer service concepts through classroom presentations, discussions, and exercises designed to solidify understanding and give ideas for practical application on the job. This half-day course will give your employees both the knowledge and the motivation to consistently deliver outstanding service to customers inside and outside your company. Key topics include the following:

  • The Importance of Customer Service
  • Internal and External Service
  • Top 10 Customer Turnoffs
  • Keys to Excellent Service
  • Customer Communication Skills
  • Email Communication Guidelines
  • Understanding Different Personalities
  • Defusing an Angry Customer
  • The Importance of Relationships

Not only is solid customer service essential in today’s competitive marketplace, it can also become a sustainable competitive advantage that is extremely difficult for your competitors to duplicate. By building a corporate culture based on outstanding service, your company can deliver greater value to your clients in a way that motivates them both to buy more of your products or services and emphatically recommend you to other potential customers.   An investment in the customer service skills of your employees will rapidly pay tremendous dividends to your company and your customers. Start enhancing your competitive advantage in the marketplace today.

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