Mission Statement

Our mission is to help our clients perform at the highest possible levels so they can provide exceptional value to their customers and employees through the adoption of a “culture of service” mindset.


Our Vision

To achieve our mission, we enter into long-term relationships with our clients and assist them in developing world-class solutions for outstanding customer service, highly productive sales & marketing processes and operational excellence.

Our Values

One word sums up our value system: Integrity. We endeavor to live it in what we do and say, with our word being our bond and our actions being above reproach.


Rob Rash
Robert Rash
President & CEO

Rob Rash is a passionate entrepreneur and a committed student of sales and marketing. He is dedicated to helping businesses achieve outstanding market growth through highly effective sales and marketing processes. He has helped numerous clients create world class sales and marketing programs that are coupled with great technology, such as Salesforce.

Rob has previously built a very successful consulting business which employed over 100 consultants. He ran that business as President/CEO and eventually sold the enterprise to a publicly traded competitor. His background includes deep expertise in executive leadership, sales and marketing leadership and technology consulting. Rob also spent eight years in sales leadership at KPMG Consulting, as well as sales leadership roles with entrepreneurial growth firms. Rob holds a Master’s Degree in Global Leadership from Dallas Baptist University and a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from the University of North Texas. He also is a Salesforce Certified Administrator and a Salesforce Certified Sales Cloud Consultant.

Rob Rash
David Reed
Chief Customer Care Officer

David Reed is a dedicated entrepreneur, with deep expertise in corporate customer service, executive training programs, and enterprise operations. He also is a published author of four customer service books and a featured contributor to magazines and newsletters. David’s career passion has been to assist organizations in creating a culture of excellent customer service, servant leadership, and effective operations.

David has been advising clients on the use of Salesforce technology to transform their sales, marketing, operations, and customer service functions for more than 13 years.

Before co-founding Olympia, David worked for Andersen Consulting, Exxon, and Disney and has led his own business for the past 16 years where he created a loyal clientele that adhered to his principles of service and operational excellence. David earned Bachelor’s Degrees in Computer Science and Chemical Engineering from Texas A&M University.


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