Regional Consulting Firm

Regional Consulting Firm

The Challenge

This firm provides consulting services to mid and large sized companies across the U.S. They relied only their subject matter experts (Partner level) to produce sales results. They were experiencing inconsistent sales results even though they had an excellent service offering.

Our Solution

We were engaged by senior management to develop an on-going sales process that would produce consistent sales results and revenue growth year after year. We helped develop the following permanent solutions:

  • Marketing/Lead Generation: The firm was not organized in their lead generation efforts. We helped them define their primary target market, as well as identify new markets into which they could expand. We helped define their market differentiation, value proposition messaging and buyer personas. We developed extensive marketing contact lists along with a process to consistently and professionally communicate with their prospects through numerous channels such as email, social media, webinars, and professional conferences. We also implemented Salesforce Sales Cloud to manage their sales efforts, giving Partners and Sr. management new levels of control and visibility into their sales processes.
  • Sales Process Development: We worked extensively with their Partners to first understand their sales process, service offerings and market positioning. We provided guidance for an updated image that included all marketing materials and collateral, proposal templates, success stories, competitive analyses and a refreshed website.
    We then closely collaborated to develop an end-to-end sales process to capture best practices for professionally managing their sales cycles. We adapted a nationally recognized sales methodology to their sales process that resulted in a working model for daily sales execution. We then provided regular, on-going coaching and one on one reviews to ensure this new sales process was now part of their DNA.

The Result

Prior to developing these organizational marketing and sales functions, the firm experienced annual growth of 3% to 5% annually. Once the programs were in place, new sales growth skyrocketed to over 15% annually and has been consistent for many years. Additionally, the firm learned to identify and measure new contract profitability and profits have grown significantly in direct relation to sales growth.