Corporate Training Provider

Corporate Training

The Challenge

This organization provides an extensive offering of training services to corporate clients across their region. They are known for providing top-flight educational services to thousands of students, but wanted to improve their revenues and market share in a significant way. 

Our Solution

We were engaged by Senior Management to reorganize their go-to-market strategy and the entire sales organization, which consisted of multiple regional teams. The entire sales process was re-launched to focus on their core markets only and their most profitable service offerings. 

  • Marketing & Lead Generation: We assisted the firm in clearly defining their ideal target markets and deemphasized less profitable markets and offerings. Further, we defined their market differentiation, value proposition messaging and buyer personas. We re-branded their marketing efforts and launched consistent marketing lead generation programs to consistently and professionally communicate with their prospects through numerous marketing channels.
  • Sales Process Improvement: We worked extensively with their multiple sales teams to first understand their sales process, service offerings and market positioning.

We then closely collaborated with the entire sales organization to develop sales best practices and re-trained all teams in the new methodology. We then provided regular, on-going coaching and one on one reviews to ensure this new process was now part of their culture.

Corporate Training Results

Prior to implementing these organizational marketing and sales improvements, the organization experienced very modest annual growth and limited profitability. Once the programs were in place, new growth dramatically improved to double digit growth rates. And, with a laser focus on profitable offerings, annual profits have risen substantially and consistently over several quarters.